Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I’m reviewing Michelle Rowen’s Reign Fall at Smexybooks

Reign Fall

Reign Fall (Demon Princess #3) by Michelle Rowen
YA Paranormal
E book
January 1, 2012

Favorite Quote: “Oh, go point that thing somewhere else, you idiot!”

In Reign Check, the second book, Nikki took a field trip to Hell and almost dies…only to be saved by her crush, Michael. Reign Fallpicks up three weeks later. Nikki hasn’t seen Michael in all that time so when she is summoned to her father’s castle, she prepares to give him an earful. When she arrives, she meets a young boy who speaks to her in riddles, hinting at secrets that only she can reveal and solve. Nikki senses something is different with Michael and her father confirms it. Michael asks Nikki for a favor which results in Nikki having to negotiate with Rhys. Rhys is now dating her BFF Melinda but keeps making references to their getting married to fulfill the prophesy. Nikki is honest that she is on the fence with Michael and Rhys. Each of them different and appealing in their own way, I don’t envy Nikki having to choose. As Nikki tries to help Michael and avoid Rhys, something stalks her in the night, eager to end Nikki’s problems once and for all.

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