Thursday, February 2, 2012

I’m reviewing Kelly Meding’s Wrong Side Of Dead at Smexybooks

Wrong Side Of Dead

Wrong Side Of Dead (Dreg City #4) by Kelly Meding
Urban Fantasy
January 31, 2012

Favorite Quote: “Everyone around me dies except for me. Even when I beg for it.“

Some tiny spoilers from last book.

Wrong Side Of Dead starts a few weeks after Another Kind Of Dead. Evy was rescued from captivity after she willingly gave herself up to save her friends lives in return for the fae crystal. William Thackery, Evy’s captor, tortured Evy mercilessly, all in the attempt to further his plans to annihilate the vampire population. Once again, Evy dies and rises, causing her and Wyatt to reevaluate their relationship. Evy’s powers continue to evolve though no one is quite sure what she may eventually end up as. Evy learns that while she was gone, a tentative alliance has been formed between the supernatural council and the hunters. The supernatural's no longer live in fear of the hunters and Evy finds herself at a loss to where she goes from here. Though the Triad betrayed her over and over, she knows nothing else. When Phin’s family is kidnapped, Evy finds out that once again she and the hunters have been manipulated by higher powers. As the new alliance struggles to locate Phin’s family and Thackery, Evy and Wyatt begin to truly understand the roles they and their fellow hunters played in the horror that has rained upon Dreg City.


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