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I’m reviewing Midnight Enchantment by Anya Bast at Smexybooks

Midnight Enchantment (Dark Magick, #4)Midnight Enchantment (Dark Magick # 4) by Anya Bast
February 7, 2012

Favorite Quote: "I love you...but I won't be your excuse."

The Unseelie court only needs the two remaining missing pieces of the bosca fadbh. Once they have those in their possession, they will be able to tear down the walls of their prison; Piefferburg. But to a young water fae, those walls represent life for the only person she loves. Elizabeth Cely Saintjohn has those two pieces carefully hidden and nothing can convince her to reveal them. Niall Quinn, mage and thief has been charged with finding Elizabeth and convincing her to turn the pieces over to him. Through any means necessary. And Niall will do what his queen requires...until he catches his first glimpse of Elizabeth.  Then battle between love and war rages out of control as his loyalties are tested. Niall knows if he cannot make Elizabeth give him those pieces, then he will be forced to destroy her and everything she loves.

Midnight Enchantment is the climatic finale that brings conclusion to the wonderfully dark and wickedly sensual ride we have been on since book one- Wicked Enchantment. We have reached the end of an incredible journey fraught with danger, deception, and betrayal as the final conflict between the Fae and the Paladirs comes to a head. The Shadow Queen and her Unseelie court have the Book Of Bindings and two pieces of the bosca fadbh. All they need are the last two in order to break the magic of the Paladirs that holds the fae hostage in Piefferburg. But not everyone wants those walls to come down. Especially an elusive water fae, Elizabeth Cely Saintjohn. Her mother will die if the walls come down and after watching her father and brother sacrifice their lives, she refuses to sacrifice her mother's life for anyone's freedom. 

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