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I’m reviewing Waltz This Way by Dakota Cassidy at Smexybooks

Waltz This Way

Waltz This Way (Ex Trophy Wives #3) by Dakota Cassidy
Romantic Contemporary
March 6, 2012
Berkley Publishing

Favorite Quote:
”I don’t think pancakes can make you scream like I do.“
“You’ve never seen me eat a pancake.”

When former ballroom champion Melina Cherkasov found out that her famous husband was cheating, she was devastated, especially since she was informed by a sleazy reporter on national TV. Thanks to an ironclad prenup and a scumbag ex, Melina has to pack up her dog and her dignity and take refuge in her dad's retirement community in New Jersey.'s time to take the lead.

To make ends meet, Melina puts her dancing shoes to use as an instructor at Westmeyer-a private school for boy geniuses. Teaching a bunch of hormonal teenagers to waltz is trying, but the school's sexy handyman provides ample distraction. Drew McPhee is perfect, except for one thing: He doesn't like dancing. Thankfully, the finesse Drew lacks on the floor is more than made up for by his skills in the bedroom. And after one steamy night, the ballroom diva is the one getting swept off her feet... (Goodreads)

Dakota Cassidy once again leds us through the pitfalls of divorce with plenty of charm, laughter, and snark as we get to know Melina Cherkasov, the third trophy wife in her hilarious Ex-Trophy Wives series. A character driven series, it’s the fast pacing and conversational style writing that enhances the appeal of this story. Ms. Cassidy dances up a potent samba of humor and seriousness with zany one liners, reality checks, and a cast of eccentric characters tossed in that will have you laughing away tears. What I truly enjoy about this series is that she deals realistically with a serious subject. Divorce is hard enough but it’s even harder when your tossed aside for someone younger and are left to pick up the pieces of your life. Ms. Cassidy doesn’t sugar coat the ups and downs of divorce for the sake of an HEA in here. It’s a messy, heartbreaking, unfair, and all that and more is presented clearly and without apology.


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