Saturday, July 28, 2012

Well, Since You Asked…T needs a new map


Watching the opening ceremonies for the 2012 Olympics.


T-What are we watching?

Me-The opening ceremonies.

T-Where are they?

Me and The kid-London


The Kid-What?


T-Paris is in London, right?

Me-Ummm no. Paris is in France.

The kid-Really Dad?

T-So where are they?

Me & The Kid-L.O.N.D.O.N

T-But where in London?

Me-How should I know? Somewhere in the city.

T-*sigh* What city in London?

The kid-OMG *laughing*

Me-Dude, London is in England.

At this point me and the kid are rolling and T walked out on us.


God, love him. Smile


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Dani said...

LOL... I'm thinking that maybe T and Rauph Lauren had the same teacher? That could explain the Opening Ceremony outfits... :D