Monday, August 27, 2012

DIY a new fresh look for an old LBD


As usual, my DIY hero, Erica Domesek from PS I Made This, has come up with a VERY cute way to reuse and refresh an old dress.


Always a bridesmaid doesn’t mean your stuck with a acre of bridesmaid dresses. Erica Domesek comes through with a cute idea to repurpose any dress for a new flirty look.

To create, chop your maxi to the desired length.  If fabric frays- add a hem, ours was polyester so no hem needed.  Grab a lace tee or tank and secure with pins along the neckline of the dress.  Double your thread and stitch the lace shirt to the dress, removing pins as you go.

See this diy magic and more at PS I Made This.

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Anonymous said...

Adorable!! Thanks so much for this! I've been a bridesmaid 4 times & am going to be a 5th time next year so you can imagine the dresses! Lol but seriously I have only re-worn (is that a word? Haha) one of the dresses which is a black dressy dress from JCP & I did wear another purple one once but I want the length shorter. But anyways the most recent one is a watermelon pink long to the floor dress that I wore in my sister in laws wedding & they only ended up being married for 2 months before he cheated & she also discovered his drug problem, yikes but anyways my point is I paid $100 for this dress & $30 for matching shoes-the EXACT same color & I wanna get some use out of it & this is perfect! So thanks again! :D <3