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I’m reviewing Robin D. Owen’s Heart Secret at Smexybooks

Heart Secret (Celta's Heartmates, #11)
Heart Secret (Celta’s Heartmate #11) by Robin D. Owens
Sci-Fi/Fantasy/ Romance
August 7, 2012
Berkley Trade

Favorite Quote: “I’m a woman, with a woman’s heart and feelings and needs. And since you can’t provide what I need-I’ll find someone who can.”

When a virulent disease killed the woman he loved and her baby, Garrett Primross was left heartbroken and the only survivor. The disease has reared its ugly head again and the Celta healers want to use Garrett in an experiment to see why he survived. Healer Artemisia Panax’s life was destroyed when her family was unjustly accused of black magic. Stripped of everything, they went into hiding. Artemisia keeps her head down, not drawing attention to herself in fear her family will once again be betrayed.

When Garrett and Artemisia stumble upon a murder victim who destroyed Artemisia’s family and are forced to investigate, suspicions flare.  They learn they are heartmates but the secrets and pain they hold close impedes their ability to bond.  They must learn to trust one another and themselves if they can hope to overcome the past and plan a future.

Garrett Primross lost his way and his heart when his childhood love and her child died of Isac syndrome-a deadly disease that swept through his community and destroyed everyone it touched. As the only survivor, Garrett carries around survivor's guilt that keeps him mired in grief and impedes his ability to heal. He has always known who his HeartMate was but doesn’t want her in his life. The thought of loving anyone else and losing them is unbearable. When a young child contracts the deadly disease, the healers approach Garrett for help. They want his blood as it seems to have a natural immunity to the disease and they also want to infect him with the disease and study his recovery. Garrett dreads this intrusion in his life. He doesn't want to relive that time and he also doesn't want to be in close contact with his HeartMate

Artemisia Panax (Mugwort) and her family were falsely accused of dealing in black magic and were stripped of everything. Their family name, home, financials, and self-respect. She now works as a second level healer, barely tolerated by the great lady who runs the hospital.  Artemisia has no idea who her HeartMate is but assumes when he is ready, he will reveal himself. Artemisia travels through life carefully. She cannot afford to lose her job nor reveal the secret of her parents whereabouts. When Garrett is approached by the healers, it is decided that she will be the one to go into quarantine with him and watch over him. Upon meeting Garrett, she senses his animosity but is unsure of its origins.She only wants to care for her patient and get out of the job alive.

As Garrett and Artemisia spend their days and nights together, the attraction builds strengthening their bond. A bond that Garrett doesn't want and does everything possible to sever. In one fateful moment, Garrett does the unthinkable and soon finds himself at a loss when the one person he thought he didn’t want, no longer wants him.
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