Thursday, August 9, 2012

I’m reviewing Sweet Talk by Julie Garwood at Smexybooks

Sweet Talk

Sweet Talk by Julie Garwood
Romance Contemporary
August 7, 2012
Dutton Adult

Favorite Quote: “I’m F.B.I.“
She smiled. It wasn’t the reaction he expected.
“You want to talk nightmares? I’m I.R.S.”

When Olivia Mackenzie inadvertently walked into the middle of an FBI sting during a job interview, destroying months of hard work, she wasn’t scared. After all, she’s IRS and in terms of scary, her job trumps all. But the attractive FBI agent who helps her out scares her. Olivia has enough going on in her life with her dysfunctional family and work. She doesn’t have time for the very attractive Grayson Kincade; but circumstances force them into close contact.

FBI agent Grayson Kincade has too much at stake to mess with the sexy Olivia Mackenzie, but when her investigation into an elaborate Ponzi scheme places her straight in the crosshairs of a killer, Grayson finds himself in charge of protecting Olivia. As they get closer to solving Olivia’s case and finding the killer, Grayson decides he wants to make his partnership with Olivia permanent.

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