Monday, October 29, 2012

I'm reviewing The Shattered Dark by Sandy Williams at Smexybooks

The Shattered Dark (McKenzie Lewis #2) by Sandy Williams Urban Fantasy
Releases: October 30, 2012
Favorite Quote: “It’s a familiar feeling, being pushed to the side like this.“
Sandy Williams once again takes us on a dark, twisted journey with the second installment of her dynamic urban fantasy McKenzie Lewis series,The Shattered Dark. Our heroine McKenzie Lewis isn’t your average urban fantasy heroine. She has a unique gift, the ability to read and locate Elves through the trace of magic they leave when transporting, but no special powers or skills. In The Shadow Reader,she proves that her true strength lies in her loyalty, intelligence, and stubbornness; allowing her to more than hold her own. Ms. Williams continues to evolve and develop McKenzie, both personally and in a professional sense, which I appreciated. In The Shadow Reader, she was a balanced protagonist but somewhat bland in her dialogue and thoughts. We got the basics of her personality though I felt she could have flashed out better. McKenzie seems more three dimensional in this installment. The world building is complex with it’s continued political manipulations and geography make up. Though we still only get small snippets of the fae world and politic, there is a healthy balance achieved between the storyline and the world in which it is built.
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