Friday, December 28, 2012

I’m reviewing Color Of Grace by A.M. Arthur at Smexybooks


Color Of Grace (Cost Of Repairs #2) by A.M. Arthur
M/M Romance
January 1, 2013
Samhain Publishing, LTD

Favorite Quote:
“I’ve got you.”
“I know.”

Barrett McCall’s quiet solitary life is a life saving choice. A once repetitive lifestyle almost sent him spiraling into a deep abyss with no way out. It wasn’t until a life shattering incident makes him stand up and take a good look at his life and the choices he was making, does he decide that changes are needed. He moves to Straton, Pa, starts working as a short order cook and keeps his life simple. When his apartment burns down, his boss offers him her basement apartment which puts in the sights of his boss’s nephew.

Schuyler (Sky) Rhodes is an art teacher whose traumatic past causes him to make reckless decisions. He feels guilt over the death of his cousin and it causes him to keep everyone at arms length. Meeting Barrett is an epiphany for him. Barrett’s strength and serenity soothes the storm that rages in him and a single soul shattering kiss begins to melt Sky’s barriers and a tentative friendship forms. When Sky’s past comes back to town, threatening to tear Sky apart, Sky will have to be one hundred percent honest with Barrett, even if it pushes him away for good.


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