Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I'm reviewing Downfall Of Good Girl by Kimberly Lang at Smexybooks


The Downfall Of A Good Girl by Kimberly Lang
Contemporary Romance
January 22, 2012
Harlequin KISS

Favorite Quote: "Losing to the devil himself has never been sexier"

The Downfall Of A Good Girl is a classic enemies to lovers trope centering around “good girl” Vivienne (Vivi) LeBlanc and “bad boy” Connor Mansfield. Vivi is a quintessential southern debutante. A former pageant queen, she now spends her time running her gallery and working on committees to better her fair city. When she is elected Saint of the annual New Orleans Saints and Sinners Pageant, she is determined to win the coveted title and huge trophy that comes with it. When Conner Mansfield is named the Sinner to her Saint and who she has to compete against, Vivi nearly suffers a complete meltdown. Convinced her nemesis has deliberately come back to town to humiliate her once again, Vivi hardens her resolve and heart against the sexy bad boy.

Conner Mansfield left New Orleans and achieved fortune and fame with his sultry voice and phenomenal piano skills. Though an acknowledged player, the tabloids have painted him as the devil himself and a particularly bad scandal has him coming home for some R&R. When asked to help chair the annual Saints and Sinners Pageant Conner figures that the publicly can’t hurt, especially when paired with Vivi. Her goody two shoe ways will serve as an excellent polish for his tarnished reputation. Conner doesn’t know why Vivi hates him and he doesn’t care. But when he starts spending more time with her, he realizes that there is more to Vivi than meets the eye and suddenly he wants more than to win the pageant…he wants to win her heart.

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