Thursday, January 3, 2013

I’m reviewing Chance of a Lifetime by Jodi Thomas at Smexybooks


Chance Of A Lifetime (Harmony #5) by Jodi Thomas
Romance Contemporary
December 31, 2012

Favorite Quote: “The prize wasn’t to live a perfect life but only to survive the times between the perfect moments that come along…“

In Chance of a Lifetime, we are once again submerged into the captivating and extraordinary lives of the residents who call the fictional town of Harmony, TX. home. Dreams, hope, and second chances are all given voice in this installment as we encounter love from the past, the present, and the future.

Emily Tomlinson, the town librarian, is the survivor of a brutal attack. She unconsciously blames her former best friend, Tanner Parker, for not being there when she needed him most. Tanner, a loner, has only his business and the caring for his ill mother to fill his life but he finds himself remembering his friendship with Emily and begins to slowly work his way back into her life; hoping that the feelings they had for one another in the past are only buried and not completely gone.

Rath Matheson, a small time lawyer, is struggling to make his business a success. When a series of accidents leaves him seriously injured, Rath begins to wonder if being a lawyer is worth his life. Rath’s luck changes when Trace Adams arrives in town. Claiming to be the niece of Martha Q and needing a place to stay, Rath finds his body under her fierce protection as she begins to investigate his “accidents.” As Rath and Trace spend more time together, Rath begins to wonder who will protect his heart from breaking when she leaves.

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