Thursday, January 17, 2013

It’s a party in your pants


A spa party.


Wrangler is claiming to be in production of jeans that “moisturize your butt and help fight cellulite.”

Really, you ask?


Called the Denim Spa line, these slippery little devils will hit ASOS on January 28th. Wrangler claims their newest line is infused with three…count them, THREE…moisturizers. Aloe Vera, Olive Extract, and something called Smooth Legs, which apparently will also get rid of your dimply cellulite legs. They claim the jeans can be washed 95 times before losing their creamy awesomeness and then you are once again forced to wear regular old stretch jeans that highlight your muffin top and flatten your arse. But hey, it will not longer be a dimply arse, will it?

1 comment:

Shiloh Walker said...

um. I'm wondering how healthy that is private bits.

Certain areas don't need extra moisturizers. THAT area needs to be au naturale. O.O