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I’m reviewing God’s Of Mischief by George Rowe at Smexy Books

godsofmisGods Of Mischief by  By George Rowe
Nonfiction, True Crime
April 2, 2013

Favorite Quote: I’ve been riding a hell wave, and there was no breaking free. Nothing to do but let the waters take me.“

The high-octane, no-holds-barred, true story of a bad guy turned good who infiltrated one of the most violent outlaw motorcycle gangs in history to take them down.

It’s the morning of March 9, 2006, hours before one of the largest motorcycle gang busts in United States history, and George Rowe can’t sleep. He keeps thinking about the past three years he spent as an informant for the ATF, working undercover with the Vagos, one of the most dangerous biker gangs in the country. His fiancée, a struggling heroin addict carrying their unborn child, is asleep next to him. She’s got no idea who he really is, what he’s done, or what’s about to happen. How in the hell, Rowe wonders, did it go so far and get so deep? (Goodreads)

From the current hit HBO show, Sons Of Anarchy, to the motorcycles gang romances currently being penned by such authors as Kristen Ashley, Joanna Wylde, and Jaci Burton- MCs (motorcycle clubs) are a popular subject matter that has opened up a whole new hero for romancelandia to love. The gruff, alpha male who lives free and takes what he wants, regardless of the consequences. I won’t even bother trying to convince you I haven’t jumped on this train and rode it hard. Something about the balance of love and violence is addictive and I would be hard pressed to deny it. However, in real life, MC gangs aren’t like this. The men aren’t anti heroes with a secret yen to find their one true love (old lady) and ride off in the sunset with her. The Hell’s Angels, The Vagos, The Warlocks, etc…are criminals. Gun running, prostitution, and extortion are just a few of the crimes these gangs are involved in.

When I received Gods Of Mischief for review, I was interested in getting a first hand look into the reality of these men, their lives, and the clubs they swear allegiance to. George Rowe, our narrator, takes the glamour and romance out of the MC gang life and shows us the rotten core that festers inside of it. Told from his point of view, we get a laid back, folk tale style story that tells us an interesting and engaging story of a man and his three year deep undercover effort to bring down a vicious motorcycle gang.

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