Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I'm reviewing When She Said I Do by Celeste Bradley at Smexybooks

When She Said I Do (Worthington #1) by Celeste Bradley Historical Romance
January 29, 2013
St Martins Press
Favorite Quote: “I exist here in this moment. I exist for her.“
I love retellings of the classic fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast. Especially when we are presented with such a deliciously naughty beast and a curious heroine who is more than able to tame him.
Miss Calliope Worthington is travelling with her parents and brother when their carriage overturns during a rainstorm and they are all forced into an abandoned mansion. Calliope’s search for food and dry clothing takes her throughout the mansion until she finds a dusty trunk filled with jewels. When the master of the home catches her with a long string of pearls, he accuses her of being a thief and demands payment…with her body. For each pearl she has “stolen”, she owes him a night of passion and obedience. Before things can go too far, her brother finds them and demands satisfaction for Calliope’s supposed compromising. Calliope is shocked by the feelings the man has invoked in her and seeks to rework their bargain before her brother kills him. She will marry him and repay him for the necklace, as long as she is able to go home once the last pearl is ‘repaid”. They come to an agreement and Calliope finds herself married to the beast.

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