Monday, June 10, 2013

I'm reviewing Amy Sandas Reckless Viscount at Smexybooks


Reckless Viscount by Amy Sandas
Historical Romance
June 4, 2013
Samhain Publishing
Favorite Quote: “I do not judge you for your past and I will defend against anyone who do.”
Viscount Neville, Leif Riley, is considered a scoundrel who enjoys the attentions of wealthy woman for money. Though many only see a charming seductive rake, not many know of the reasons behind his facade. He is desperate to restore his ancestral home to its former glory and hopefully break the curse that has repeatedly destroyed his family through the ages. When he sees Abbigael Granger, he thinks he has found a way to make all his dreams come true.
Irish Heiress Abbigael Granger (Abby) has come to London in order to secure her future. Circumstances from her childhood has left her with a secret that could destroy her chances of a normal life with a husband and children. She has only one chance to make her dreams come true and a scandalous rake doesn’t figure into those plans.
Circumstances force Leif to kidnap Abby and spirit her away to Gretna Green. He does offer Abby a choice in the matter and she agrees; she will get her husband and children and he will get the money he needs. But Abby and Leif soon find that love has a funny way of deriding all the best laid plans. As Abby and Leif discover overwhelming pleasure in the marriage bed, both wonder if they can find pleasure out of it.

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