Friday, August 16, 2013

I’m reviewing Kristen Ashley’s Rock Chick Revolution at Smexybooks


Rock Chick Redemption (Rock Chicks #8) by Kristen Ashley
Romance Contemporary/Suspense
August 13, 2013
Self Published

Favorite Quote: “I’m gonna be Sharleen to your Lee.”

All Ally Nightingale wants is what the rest of the Rock Chicks have. A Hot Bunch guy who loves her to death. She also wants the independence to go her own way. And her own way is leading her to P.I. work, because she is a Nightingale after all. But Ally has secrets, secrets that when revealed cause some very different reactions from those who love her. Some will support her. Some will attempt to stop her. And the one person who holds Ally’s heart will need to make a decision…love her for who she is or lose her forever.

Rock Chick Revolution is the eighth and final book in Kristen Ashley’s Rock Chick series. A romantic suspense/contemporary series filled with over the top drama, laughter, sexytimes, and situations that will keep your eye rolling and head snapping throughout. Ashley begins this book the day after the events in Breathe (Colorado Mountain series) Ally Nightingale and her sidekick Brody used their computer skills to help find Faye after she’s been kidnapped and buried alive. Ally and Brody travelled to Colorado with Ren Zanos was hot on her trail; furious Ally has once again placed her life in danger. And that is the root of Ren and Ally’s relationship.  From Ally and Ren’s first meeting, it’s been an eventful emotional ride as Ren chases and tries to corral Ally while Ally runs around doing her own thing and pushes Ren away. Fast pacing and a great set up reveals exactly what happened between Ren and Ally in the beginning to explain why she’s running now.


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