Monday, July 13, 2009

Gossip By the Water Cooler

I've decided that Monday will be gossip day. I will round up all the juicy gossip from the weekend and post it here just in case you missed it. First heard at the water cooler. Escada may be going under. OH NO! Ok, is that REALLY a surprise? Check it out here: LINK Gossip Girl looks inspired by (from left) Jenny, Blair, and Serena. Photo: Courtesy of Target Also in the news, Target's newest featured designer is Anna Sui. Loooovvveeee her! A sneak peek at her lookbook is causing some hearts to race. Apparently, Target doesn't quite get the same warm fuzzy feelings I do. Target may rescind the collection's Gossip Girl inspiration, because the show is too racy. The Daily News reports:
“One of Target’s top executives got nervous about being that closely associated with the show, given the [debauchery] its characters get into,” says an on-the-set source. For example, Blake Lively’s character, Serena, killed a man, and most of the characters frequently get wasted, do drugs and have promiscuous sex.
Geesh, Gossip Girl isn't THAT bad. It's a TV show people. NOT REAL LIFE. Take a pill, relax, and call us in the morning. This one I saved for last because it just leaves me a little speechless. The queen of fake tanner leggings wants to make a fashion based reality show. The CUT reports that Lindsey Lohan has decided to start a production co. called Unforgettable Productions. One project has been tentatively titled Faux Real. Like Entourage but about fashion. Hmmm, I think she needs to worry more about that nasty little lawsuit that's brewing over her other new company...Sevin Nyne. That's all the gossip I have for this Monday. Check back next Monday for more secrets, scandels, and embassing moments.

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