Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Jeans and I Thank you

I subscribe to way to many blogs, newsletters, RSS feeds, ect....because I am OCD and have a deep seated fear I will miss the ONE.THING.THAT.WILL.CHANGE.MY.LIFE. Reading my 825th blog I found this at Adventures in the Stiletto Jungle. Denim hem tape. This could be my dream come true. Bring 5'2 there are no jeans made in a 29" hemline. So all my jeans must be hemmed. Dilemma? I cannot buy 2 pairs of everything so I have heels wearing jeans and & flat wearing jeans. Solution? Bristols6 Denim Hem Tape. Available at for $12. Move hems up & down. No sticky residue & works great on most fabrics. You get 18 pieces in 1 inch strips. I am ordering and will be back to tell you about after I tested.

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