Wednesday, November 25, 2009

WTH Wednesdays

Its that time again....WTH wednesdays. A weeks worth of "WTH"'s that I've come across through the week. Usually from a fashion standpoint but I'm not discriminating. I'll make fun of anyone. Phoebe Price...lose the boots. Stardom is not an excuse for looking like a fashion reject from the 70s. How desperate can you get? REALLY desperate. Sharon Stone. She looks like Madonna threw up on her. Heidi Montique. This is reason #679 why I don't like her. Need I say anything? Send me some fashion mishaps you happen to see and I'll post here on next WTH Wednesday. Check out my closet for NO fashion mishaps. HAPPY THANKSGIVING from 10% off through Thanksgiving. Use code 10FIRSTOFF Take an extra 10% off on black Friday by using code TGI20

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