Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What Am I Thankful For?

Well, it's the time again. Time to sit down and think about your highs & lows, your wants, & needs, and your failures & triumphs. Otherwise known as the "Thankful Post" I have a lot to be thankful for. My family, friends, health, ect... But today I am concentrating on the one who raised me. I am thankful for my mom. Growing up she wasn't around a whole lot but that was because she worked alot to support us. Not by choice-no matter what the over parenting "you gotta spend 24/7 100% of your time with your kids or they'll grow up feeling unloved and become serial killers" say. That's what you have to do to pay the rent and feed your family. We didn't have alot of money. Which in fact is what started me on track to the career I have now. Consignment shopping. Needless to say I have a HUGE extended family that believed in multiple procreation so I always had someone around who was my age. I did more traveling by the time I was 8 then most Americans do in a lifetime. I was NEVER lonely. Sometimes I wanted to be lonely because having someone around 24/7 really wears you out. My mom left my dad when I was little. He was a TAD controlling but I believe that is due to his upbringing. He made a new family and pretty much remembered me when my mom dropped me off at his house. I think he was a good man but he never allowed me to get to know him in any sort of personal way. My mom made up for that. She loves me unconditionally. She is not a confrontational person but she did help me learn to stand on my own two feet and be independant. Maybe too independant; but she made sure I had a home to come to when I was done roaming. The most amazing thing she did was to step back and allow me to be my own person. Oh, I'm sure I do things to this day that makes her cringe and say, "Oh Tori". In fact, I know I do because I heard her say it the other day. lol But she doesn't critize me. She doesn't put me down. She doesn't tell me what a bad parent/person I am and that I need to listen to her. And for that I am grateful. I may not have grown up rich- having every little thing I desire. But I did have a rich childhood that allowed me to be able to walk into the world with no crutches and make it on my own. I love you mom. xoxo

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