Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Pilgrims Were Goth

I was surfing the internet looking for references on the Pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving. While I am collage educated; my 3rd grade history is a little rusty. While I was reading about the first Thanksgiving I realized something...the Pilgrims were the first goths. Seriously. I mean, look at how they were dressed. BLACK. No make up-that's where the pale look came from. Lace up boots. Salem....Witches..... Need I say more? So in honer of our first goths...I am having my own goth holiday fashion show out of my closet. From Ruby Rox. Black & Silver Pin Striped Rockabilly Strapless Dress 11 M BCBG MAXAZRIA Leather CROC Goth Lace UP Military Boots 7 VTG 60s Steampunk Goth Taffeta Full Wrap Skirt S-SOLD LIP SERVICE Black Sleeveless Ruffled Golf Cowgirl Top S M illeg Black LONG Bondage GOTH Skirt L TRIPP Black Lace Stretch GOTH Knee Skirt S Come take a stroll through my closet for all your holiday needs & wants. HAPPY THANKSGIVING from 10% off through Thanksgiving. Use code 10FIRSTOFF Take an extra 10% off on black Friday by using code TGI20

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