Friday, November 20, 2009

Stimulation Fridays

Selling clothing online is a thankless and tiring job. If you don't truly love clothing then your in the wrong line of work. That being said...I often visit Esty when my brain is on overload and I want visual stimulation. Get your mind out of the gutter. I said VISUAL. I have decided to make today Stimulation Fridays. I will present one store that offers, what I feel, is some SERIOUS visual stimulation. One of my fav shops is Black Cat Mima. It is run by a friend of mine that also sells on ebay. She is so talented. She often describes on facebook what and how she's doing her crafts and it blows my mind. She adds a little glue and she has the makings of an heirloom. If I did that I'd have a kindergarten project that the teacher would place on the wall near the bathroom. Here is some of her pretties. Are you a Twilight fan? God, I though Edward was HAWT but when Jacob shows some skin in New Moon.........woooooweeeeee. Is it hot in here? Oh *cough* excuse me, got distracted. *blush* As I was saying. Are you a Twilight fan? Check out Black Cat Mina's Twilight vintage inspired hair pins. TO DIE FOR Vampire Lullaby Belle's Dream Twilight Blossoms She also has some lovely holiday wares that full fill even the most discerning of shoppers. Look at these Holiday tags...HOW CUTE ARE THEY????? I wants some BAD. So if your looking for something unique, special, and front the heart then go visit BLACK CAT MIMA You won't be disappointed. If you know of a cool little shop you'd like to "hawk" on here shoot me their store name and I'll go take a lookie see. :)

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