Wednesday, November 18, 2009

WTH Wednesdays

I've decided to re enact WTH Wednesdays. Since I sell clothing it's conceivable that I watch, read, and scoop out fashion. I don't do the runway blogs because everyone and their cousin's,uncle's baby mama does them. Frankly, if it's ugly...what more could I add? But sometimes, you see something that is mind boggling. You look at it and wonder,"Did she even LOOK in the mirror before she left her house?" "Does her stylist hate her THAT much?" "WTH???" So today will be, once again, WTH Wednesday. I will show some fashion props that you really just have to say, "WTH?" Kristen Stewart. Ie yi yi. I have no words for this. When spray tanning goes bad. Poor Cher. That didn't even look good in the 70s. We've all seen it. But it's like a can't stop looking. But yes, I do think an underfed bobble head look is IN for this year. I love Dior. Love him, love him, love him. I don't love these shoes though. It's an accident waiting to happen. Send me some fashion mishaps you happen to see and I'll post here on next WTH Wednesday. Check out my closet for NO fashion mishaps. Use code first10off in checkout to get 10% off your purchases. *all photos are courtesy of OMG website.

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