Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hair Coloring 101-Part One

I have decided to color my hair. My hair color has been a problem for me as long as I can remember. It is the color of brass. I have dark roots and lightened ends. Living in FL wreaks havoc on hair. Between the sun, chlorine, saltwater, well water...I have a long steel wool pad on my head. A brass one. So I made the big decision and went to my beauity shop. I explained what I wanted. To darken and make my hair all one color and add some low lights. After I was circled, commented on, touched *shudder*, and manipulated...Janice said $378.00 Me-"Youwannaripmeoffforhowmuch?" Janice-"$378.00" Me-"For what?" Janice-"For me to work my magic." Me-"Uh huh. What is this magic you speak of?" Janice-"Have you looked in the mirror? You need lots of magic." Me-"Bye Janice." Yup. $378.00. Whatever Vidal. I have now decided to do it myself. How hard can it be? I went to this site-Hair Coloring Guide-because the internet knows everything & they would never lie or lead me astray. *wink* I went to CVS and looked wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy down the hair color aisle. So many choices. Wow. Prices all over the play. We got temp to permanent color. We got color in & color out. We got 18 different brands that span the rainbow in colors. L'Oreal has cute little colored pieces of hair attached to front of each insert so you can see what the color looks like on hair. So I sat there and placed each little colored piece of hair to the front of my head to see what I would look like. I looked like a dork. After standing there for about 1 hr talking to myself, to which I'm sure my picture been circulated as a potential thief or crazy person, I picked a box. Feria by L'oreal. They really impressed me with the little colored fake hair pieces. I also got a box of Color Oops. It's self explanatory. So join me back here for part duex to continue my adventures in hair coloring 101.

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Curtis said...

People usually get turned off with the expensive price of hair coloring, but not me when I got mine done in Santa Monica. Hair salons there performs service at reasonable prices, which makes me come back for more whenever I need to go to a party that needs me to dress and look professional.