Sunday, December 13, 2009

When The Holidays Overwhelm...Go Shopping

Christmas. A season of good will, family reunions, and holiday bliss. *sigh* Also the season for headaches, stress, and running around frantically without actually getting anything done. While your planning the holiday event of the year, don't forget about YOU. Sometimes during our quest for a totally perfect holiday, we forget about us. Here are a few tips from Marie Claire for you to keep you sanity intact during this festive time. 1. VENT!!! All that holiday cheer coupled with the non-stop Christmas music on the radio might make you want to scream - so go ahead and scream. Grab your best friend and a cup of coffee and have a bitch-session. 2. GET BUSY- Take a break from baking snowman-shaped sugar cookies and grab your sweetie for a quickie, or set your alarm a little early to sneak in some nookie before your day gets going. 3. JUST SAY NO-Your cousins want to stay with you in your one-bedroom apartment the week before Christmas, and they're bringing their newborn triplets? "No." Your mother's friend needs a ride to the airport at 2 AM? "No." Set boundaries and stick to them. 4. BE SELFISH-Schedule some me-time. It'll give you the break & mood boost you need. 5. NAP TIME- A 20 minute power nap during the day gives you more rest then staying in bed for an extra 20 minutes in the morning. Like these? Go to Marie Claire to read more tips on de stressing your holiday season. My way to de stress is to shop for some pretties. How about some vintage loungewear? VTG handmade boutique peignoir set. Layered yellow chiffon with a white floral chiffon over lay. Trimmed in white lace. Vtg Penny's Loungewear black & white quilted hostess robe/gown. Rare shimmer peignoir set by designer Carole Haddad. Vtg 70s. Copper shimmer nylon clings to all the right spots. Grecian style night gown with ties on each side. Robe is full sweep with angel sleeves. NEW vtg Christian Dior 40's glamour baby blue satin and lace peignoir set. Lace trimmed elbow puff sleeves on robe. Matching slinky lace gown. Come into my closet for more pretties to de stress your life. Use code 10firstoff for 10% off your purchase.

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