Thursday, December 10, 2009

Out With The Bad & In With The Good

Now that the end of the year is almost upon us, its time to look in that closet and do some serious purging. I need to purge my closets. Since I am an unabashed clothes horse, I have 3 closets that hold clothes I haven't seen since I put them in there. That is bad. Also, this gives you a great opportunity to see what new pieces you need to round your wardrobe out. *hint-hint* So we are all going to do this together. Make 3 piles. Call them-Yea, Nay, and Repair. YEA stays. NAY goes. REPAIR needs to be taken to tailor/dry cleaner for repair. Get yourself a full length mirror. Use these few rules. 1. If you haven't worn it in 2 years, you never will. Don't lie to yourself. Be brave and toss. 2. If it's shredded, stained, or wore out, toss it. Your not going to wear it. Again, don't lie to yourself. Be brave. 3. If it needs repair and in good condition, put it in the repair pile. 4. Try everything on. Look at yourself in the full length mirror. Even though it's a great piece, if it doesn't fit or look good on your...what's the point of keeping? Toss in NAY pile. 5. Lather, rinse, and repeat. Now, here is my list of good classic pieces that EVERY closet should carry. 1. A well fitted blazer in a neutral color. 2. A slim fitting pair of black pants. 3. A tailored white button down blouse. 4. A sleek set of pearls. 5. Ballet flats 6. A quality watch. 7. A bright solid color cashmere scarf 8. The essential little black dress 9. A slim leather belt 10. A quality leather purse You can never go wrong with those 10 pieces. I personally feel that you should also have a least one pair of leather knee high boots with a small heel and a well fitting pair of jeans. Hemmed up properly. Now, here is my list of what you should NEVER have in your closet. And if you see any of these you should toss into NAY pile immediately. 1. Legging or stir ups. Your not 8 and these have run their usefulness. 2. Jumpsuits or rompers. One word-Camel toe. 3. Leg warmers. You are not Jennifer Beale 4. Jelly shoes. Need I say more? 5. Acid wash anything. They looked like crap in the 80s and they look like crap now. 6. Tucking & rolling jeans. I don't care what TomKat did, unless there is a flood they look stupid. 7. Micro minis. If your not in your 20's with a rocking hot body, it doesn't look good on you. 8. Wide shoulder pads. You look like He-man, Master of the Universe. 9. Rainbow laces in your sneakers. Honey, let it go. 10. Pigtails. This is NOT the way to recapture your youth. Well, I hope this post helped you weed out the bad. And now look, you have room for good. So now come look in my closet for lots of "good" to fill up your new clean closet. Use code SAVE15 to save 15% your purchases through Sunday.

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