Wednesday, December 2, 2009

WTH Wednesday

Often when I'm reading on line news and feeds I have that fleeting thought, "WTH???" People do, wear, and say stupid things all the time. It amazes me. I recently saw Baba Walters list of possible fascinating people for 2009. WTH was this woman smoking when she created this list? Almost the entire list is made up of losers,wanna bees, and just plain regular unfascinating people. Seriously. Here are a few...let me know what you think. Kate Gosselin WTH is so fascinating about about this self centered whiny nasty obsessive compulsive child labor law breaking woman? Because she had 8 kids? Because she decided that in order to pay for her brood she would allow America into her home every week like she was the queen gracing us with her presence? If just for her hair style alone she be not be on this list. Sarah Palin There is so much wrong here that I'm not sure how to start. If Baba means fascinating like a train wreck you KNOW is going to crash & burn but you can't look away, then she's right. If she means fascinating as in she is a person I would greatly love to meet and converse with, I think not. Brett Farve Oh for the love of God...RETIRE ALREADY!!!!!! He's not fascinating. He's sad. Ironically, that picture is from a press conference in July 2009 where he stated he would STAY retired. *huff* I hate liars! Jenny Sanford You remember her, Governor of South Carolina Mark Sanford's wife. Now while I truly felt for her when it came to light that not only was her husband cheating on her, but using the state to bankroll his lovenest I don't see what is so fascinating about her. She's not the first politians wiffe to be cuckold. Maybe if she had hit him with the Governors seal.... I have to say that the funnest quote I heard about that was when she said, "My husband has asked many times to let him go see her but I told him no." Glenn Beck Glenn Beck is NOT fascinating...he is annoying. Repeat after me: Glenn Beck is NOT fascinating. Glenn Beck is NOT fascinating. Glenn Beck is NOT fascinating. Glenn Beck is NOT fascinating. So I ask you all...WTH? Go here is you want to read more about Baba's apparent spiral into senility. LINK And now some shameless pandering... Click logo to see what's on sale at Use code FIRST10OFF to receive an additional 10% off your purchases.

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