Wednesday, December 9, 2009

WTH Wednesday

Todays WTH Wednesday is going to focus on one topic only... Tiger Woods. Now, we have all watched with bated breath as a seemingly innocent car wreck morphed into the sex scandal of the year. But I have to say, "WTH?" I cannot believe the way this has spiraled out of control. If Tiger was Joe Blow of Pooduck, MA would we have cared? Nope. Would we have stayed locked on to our PDAs, smart phones, internet, and T.V's to watch Tiger and his family's humiliation broadcasted for the world to see? Nope. Would we have seen those who have said they are Tiger's friends make snide remarks and thinly veiled insults concerning his sexual exploits and golf score? Nope. Would we be subjected to sexy pics of women that we have never heard of and probably never care to know? Nope. Would the car wreak have even made the news? Doubtful. Yet, because this was Tiger Woods, golfer extraordinaire and famed privacy hound, his life has been reduced to joke fodder for Jay Leno and such. I do not not condoning adultery and I'm not going to debate that topic. I say judge not lest you be judged. Who are we to know what happens behind closed doors? And why is it our business? I do feel for his family. They have not had a moments peace since this happened. Every little titillating detail, be it truth or not, has surfaced and been dealt with the fine precision of a skilled surgeon. His wife has had to see day after day the interviews and pictures of woman claiming to have slept with her husband. Details of their exploits and what nots. I say claimed because, come on, right now I could claim to have had an affair with Tiger and be guaranteed my 5 minutes of fame no matter if true or not. I'm not going to indulge in a break down of all those claiming to have slept with Tiger. What I find amusing is the ones claiming to have had an affair with him all look like realty show contestants. Attention seekers. I know, your all thinking, "Geesh Tori, why are you blaming the women?" I'm not blaming anyone. But I am questioning motives. If I had an affair with a married man I sure as hell wouldn't be posting sexy pics of myself on the internet and bragging about it. UNLESS.... I wanted the fame and the cha-ching. I mean, one supposed affairee's (is that a word?) SISTER is "claiming" that her sister is a victim of falling for the wrong guy. Who's sister would comment on your supposed affair with a married man? The only 2 I might actually believe he had a affair with, the party promoter & Vegas club exec, are the only 2 not spilling their guts to TMZ and the tabloids. WTH??? So my point in all this rambling is that even famous people make mistakes. But they are human. And our ability to show compassion and tact should not be reserved for those who are unknown and un famous. I give the media a big #FAIL on this whole sordid episode. Now, some shameless pandering. Come see what's in my closet Use code 10firstoff and receive 10% off your purcahses.

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BugginWord said...

I'm just hoping Titleist gives the little missus a sweet sponsorship deal since clearly the girl's got a wicked swing.