Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Helping Your Wee One Sleep

Who hasn't fought the age old battle of getting your kids to go to sleep? My 8 year old has launched a campaign that would have put Napoleon to shame. I have to get her ready for bed 45 minutes BEFORE she goes to bed because that's how long it takes to get her INTO bed. Some of the things I have found that help my little one go to lala land are as follows: 1. Comfortable clothing. My little one likes to sleep in long t shirts. She also likes underware. I have NEVER understood some parents who makes there kids sleep underware-less. My stepmom used to do that and I was like, "No way. Ewwww." So my point is, let your kids be comfortable & wear what they want to when going to sleep. 2. No drinks after 8 pm. Face it, giving a child a ton to drink before bed is just asking for repeated bathroom breaks during nite-nite time. 3. I always read a story and sing a special bedtime song to my child. It was something we started years ago and she enjoys it. 4. Let them have that special snuggie at bedtime. My little one has a baba. She will not go to sleep with out baba. She will not go to collage with baba so what's the harm in letting her keep it? 5. If she does get the wild hair and keeps getting up, I simply look at her, tell her goodnight and make her put herself back to bed. There is no magic formula but with diligence and time, your child will sleep through the night. Just be patient and understanding. Check out St. Eve Clothing for delightfully sweet and totally trendy under garments and pajama sets for boys and girls. Available at Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Bealls, Kohl’s, Sears, and JC Penney. Go to and enter contest to win a years worth of St. Eve Kids clothing.

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