Monday, January 18, 2010

My Take On The Golden Globes

The Golden Globes...the Good, the Bad, and the WTH? Last night was the first time I ever sat down and watched the Golden Globes from start to finish. It will be the last time I ever watch it from start to finish. My attention pretty much waned after the red carpet. Was it just me or did everyone seem a little off in their reactions and speeches? Felicity Huffman stuttered over her lines as though this was her first time ever in front of camera. But her self awareness and apologies made it more endearing. Harrison Ford's speech came off as though he was slightly medicated. Chloe Sevigny, who's name was misspelled on the screen, definitely had an awkward moment when the usher escorting her stepped on her gown. After screaming as though she was on fire, she shouted out the the world, "I can't believe you stepped on my dress!!!!" Robert Downey Jr's off the cuff speech was fantastic. Light hearted and sincere in his thanks to all who stuck by him during his on and off troubles with drugs & alcohol. Anisten impressed me when name Inglorious Bastards (her ex Brad Pitt's movie) without spitting on the ground or making the sign against the evil eye. Ricky Gervais, in true fashion, ripped into everyone and anyone during his monologues. No one was safe from his decidedly un PC humor. “They can’t censor me. It’s live. That’s the beauty of it,” he said. “When they offered me the job, I said, ‘Can I say what I want?’ They said, ‘Yes.’ I’m not going to rehearse; they haven’t seen the script. They can’t censor me. I suppose they could stop the show and replace me.” Now, on to the fashions. The stars were dressed to impress this year in a sparkling awry of jewels and couture gowns. The Good: Halle Berry stole the show in a traffic stopping Kaufman Franco gown and statement earrings. Sigourney Weaver put woman half her age to shame in a gorgeous emerald green gown, gold accessories. Kate Winslet looked stunning as usual in a a one-shoulder Yves Saint Laurent looker and understated Tiffany jewels. The Bad: Once again Mariah Carey tries to stop the aging process by stuffing her considerable assets in to to small & tacky looking looking Herve Leger number. While I adore Saundra Bullock, this Bottega Veneta mess of a dress had her looking like she just rolled out of bed-and not in a good way. The WTH? All I can say is my grandma wants her curtains back. Jane Adams looked as though she hated that dress. And who can blame her? These two had to be the absolute biggest misses of the night. Did she miss the part on her invite stating "Black Tie Affair?" So that is my take on the Golden Globes. All in all I think next year I'll just stick to the red carpet and leave the actual watching of the show to the rest of you. *all photos were courtesy of

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