Friday, January 22, 2010

Well, Since You Asked...

I have been selling online for about 6 years. I ship over 3,000 items a year. I deal with UPS, Fed Ex and USPS on a regular basis. I can quote their prices and weights in my sleep. It's so ingrained in me that I can hold an item and tell you the weight within a couple of ounces. I have received many emails stating how pretty my packaging is. Why are you telling us this you ask? Because of this weeks ask a seller a question. Hi. When shipping my item please do the following. -Clean item(dry cleaning preferable) -Have item pressed -Lay item out flat. Place tissue under and over item. -Fold item inwards long ways. -Lay tissue across folds -Fold item 2 times. Should measure 15 inches in height -Wrap in tissue and tape corners so item stays enclosed. Place in waterproof bagging. -Please insert cardboard in front and behind item to help with wrinkling. -Seal close -Place in a waterproof mailer. -Please place mailing label in a prominent stop and adhere using 3 pieces of tape. One on top, one in middle, and one on bottom. -Please don't cover the tracking number because taping inhibits the scanning. -Send me an email letting me know when you shipped and the tracking number. Please send an email after 3 days to inquire wither I received package or with an update to where it is at. -Please leave me feedback first as I did my part by paying quickly. Thank you and Gold Bless. First off, I know it says Gold Bless but that was what it was signed with and I'm keeping it real. On to the email. While I appreciate the helpful advice there are a few problems with your world domination perfect shipping 101 manifesto. I know how to ship. As stated above I have been doing this for about 6 years a ONLINE. It's been longer in the real life world. I ALWAYS clean my items. That's just gross if you don't. While I'd love to dry clean your item, this particular fabric blend will not lend itself to dry cleaning well. And it's my job to know that so you don't have to. I understand the whole tissue paper love you've got going but understand something. When shipping 500 plus miles...your items going to wrinkle. There's no way around that. Weather, packaging, the shipping personal, the length of all plays a factor. The fact you MEASURED your item during a round of "play the mailman"worries me. All my shipping mailers are waterproof. I use poly mailers. Unless using tyvek to which your item will be encased in plastic. THE TRACKING NUMBER YOU REQUESTED IS NOT A TRACKING NUMBER!!!!!! It is a delivery Confirmation number and does not have to be scanned UNTIL delivery. I will not be tracking your item every step of the way. You do realize that the "extras" you requested will increase shipping weight. Which will increase shipping price. Which you will be required to pay for. I always send a thank you for your purchase and a shipping notification email. Check your spam folders. That's where all mine end up. The feedback debate will continue to the end of time. Which comes first? The buyer or the seller? Since ALL buyers can only get positives what does it matter? I mean, really? Will you get an award at the end of your life? Do you think St Peter will commend you on your PERFECT feedback when passing through those pearly gates? Seriously though, if you want it that bad then fine. Makes no difference to me. But asking for it is tacky and I stand by that sentiment. Love, Your Seller

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