Saturday, January 23, 2010

Stimulation Saturday

I stumbled upon this site when I was tweeting for a giveway on Yellowgoat designs. Just a little shout out- I *heart* Yellowgoat designs. Such a lovely blog. The site I am totally crushing on is papermode. Papermode creates modern, colorful jewelry and accessories from new and recycled paper. YEA!!!! I am so into ECO/Green these days. And I love the inventiveness and creativity these ECO designers Paper Bead Rainbow Hoop Earrings - Limited Edition 1/50

Paper jewel ring

Large paper bead pendant necklace

Paper bead headband

She also has a home accessories store at Also made from recycled paper these wall hangings and what nots are sure to look lovely in your home.

Wall Art - Recycled paper collage on linen canvas - 4 x 4 inches

Original Papercut - Spirograph - Small

Paper Covered Clothespins -Set of 6 - Crocodile

To learn more about Papermode: our website:::::::::::::: our blog::::::::::::::::::: our photostream:::::: our twitter stream::::

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