Sunday, January 24, 2010

WHAT? My Kid Has Her Own Mind?

When my daughter was born all I could think was... I get to play dress up!! I had enough clothing stored I could dress her up till age 3. Hanna Andersson, Gymboree, Ralph Lauren, Juicy Couture, ect.. My kid was a walking fashion plate. When my sweetie pie turned 6 she suddenly began to question what I was dressing her in. I was shocked. My child's taste was different then mine. Where I love her in pinks and purples, ruffles and bows. She likes pink skulls and silver guitars. Deep solid colors. I like the little babydoll tops and leggings. She likes baggie bermuda shorts and hockey team t shirts. Halloween is not fairy princesses and Hanna Montana. Oh no. Halloween for us is the cast of Star Wars. Clone Troopers and Darth Vader. Zombie flesh eaters and bloody sorcerers. You will never see her is a fluffy pink tutu doing intricate dips and twirls across the floor. No, my little warrior is more a kick butt and take names type of girl. I thought back to when I was a child and wondered how my mom did it. How do you back off and allow them to make their own decisions. When does your wants and needs take a backseat to your child's? I think back to when I was growing up. As a child of the 70s my mom dressed my in some pretty wild clothes. I remember one outfit-flag patterned overall shorts with fringe. :) But as Ii got older I don't remember my mom really expressing an opinion on my clothing beyond, "you look nice honey." And I know some of the stuff I wore had to have made her cringe. My madonna phase. Punk phase. I'm sure even now my mom is like, "WTH???" in her mind. lol But she let me go. And never once discouraged me. So I will live and learn. I will allow my child to explore her self and develop her own sense of style. Though those flowered leggings would look soooooooooooo cute on her. ** Before the hoopla child read this and agreed to let me post about her.**


Paul said...

Top 5 reason to have kids... dress em =)

Gigi's Consignment Closet said...

Paul-LOL We spend years teaching them to walk & talk...then we spend years telling them to sit down and shut up.