Wednesday, February 10, 2010

WTH Wednesday

It's that time to divulge into WTH Wednesday. *imagine that being said in a loud deep voice with echo effects. Pamela Anderson has always been fodder for WTH. I mean, she doesn't even have to try. It comes naturally. It's a gift. This lovely ensemble comes from her newly launched fashion line A *Muse. has decided that the gorgeous Armani ad for Valentine's Day is soft porn. Why? Because it shows same sex couples. Of course, they have no problem with the 1/2 nekkid Abercrombie ads or the Baby Phat oversexed toddler ads. They say they will keep their kids out of the mall. I say, "Please do." Dree Hemingway- great, great grand daughter to Ernest Hemingway claims to NOT have read his books. WTH? That's like Henry Ford's great, great grand kids claiming to not know how to drive. If your going to be blatantly ignorant...keep it to yourself. Anne Hathaway in next months British GQ What happened to her armpit? Why is her bosom smashed to bits? WTH are her pants? Florida voted...we don't want them! My work here is done. Thank you.

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