Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fashion Goes Green

As you all know I have been attempting to go green. From the past where going green merely meant separating your plastics, paper, and cardboard to now having entire homes made eco friendly I have been amazed and intrigued by how the fashion world has embraced going green.

Tesco Launches Recycled Clothing Line With From Somewhere

I've blogged before about the clothing store -From Somewhere- which is the baby of parents Orsola De Castro and Fillipo Ricci. This clothing store makes delicious recycled clothing from LUXE swatches,proofs, ends of rolls, and cut offs. The British grocery-and-retail giant,Tesco, is partnering with Orsola De Castro and Fillipo Ricci to design a limited line of recycled clothing for its Florence & Fred label. The line which will be called-“From Somewhere to F&F” -consists of six striking, paneled designs. “From Somewhere to F&F” will be available exclusively online in spring, at prices starting from £16 Some like it HOT Titania Inglis-who's lovely minimalist designs have caught the world by storm is paying tribute to Marilyn Monroe in some veggie rust dyed play suits. Its sweetheart lines and organic fabrics, tailored to a T in New York City’s Garment District, have me wanting to actually go into the sun. :) But that's not all Titania's line has to offer. Although her collection will make you feel like a 50s movie star, they’re more than just eye candy. Inglis designs all her clothes for practical use. So go play and have some fun. Forget diamonds! SHOES are a girls best friend. Call out the bandwagons. Take out an ad in the Post. Shoes are going eco friendly and I'm liking it. Melissa Shoes has been in business for over 25 years. In the most innovative use of plastic I have ever seen, they transform ordinary objects into works of art. This company has collaborated with some of the TOP designers in fashion to create beauty. John Galliano Zaha Hadid Vivienne Westwood Alexandre Herchcovitch Lorenzo Merlino

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