Thursday, March 11, 2010

I Need A Blog Makeover

I need a blog makeover. I have been thinking about this for awhile because, well, L@@K at it. It's boring. Blah. Yuck. So many blogs I follow are gorgeous and I want one like them*insert whiny voice*. But I am notoriously cheap so imagine my little girl SQUEEEEE when I realized that a blog I follow-Life According To Candice-is hosting a blog makeover giveaway. Lee from Headaches, Hormones, and Hot Flashes re did Candice's blog and it is divine. I don't know what Candice has on Lee but it must be really good because Lee decided to give away a makeover on Candice's blog. AND...... Lee is offering 20% off to the losers. Oh, I'm sorry. The second place winners for all you PCers. Now, you should follow Candice regardless of the blog makeover because she is snort milk out your nose funny. Seriously. So go check out Candice's blog. Follow the rules and you may be the winner of a new blog makeover.

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