Sunday, May 9, 2010

This Is Dedicated To The One I Love

This post is dedicated to my mom.
Thank you for all the advice I didn't listen to.
Thank you for making me eat my veggies and fruit.
Thank you for all the times you didn't say, " I told you so."
Thank you all the times you didn't say, "Your wearing that?!"
Thank you all the times you defended me even if I wasn't right.
Thank you all the times you believed in me and said,"Go For it."
Thank you for not selling me to gypsies all the times I drove you insane.
Thank you for not listening to me and putting Ryan back under the cabbage leaf.
*though you may be regretting that now huh?* ^^
Thank you for supporting all my ideas; even the dumb ones.
Thank you for not telling me to my face my idea(s) were dumb.
Thank you for not overloading me with sugar as a child.
Thank you for teaching me to swim, ice skate, ride a bike, and drive a car.
Thank you for working jobs you hated so that I could have what I needed and wanted.
Thank you for being my mom.
I love you.
P.S. Yes, I mailed your card and yes, I will remember to call Nana.