Thursday, June 3, 2010 that you?

Perfume, like handbags and make up, is an accessory to uplift and accentuate you.
But like make up and handbags, women & men have a habit of picking the wrong one for them.
Here are some guidelines to help you come out "smelling like a rose" this season.

Rule #1. Perfume may smell divine in the bottle but smell like poo on you. Perfume reacts with your body chemestry.
That is why my bff  smells like a dream in Chanel and I smell like eau de fertilizer.
Use the testers on your skin. A spritz on paper is great but you'll get a better feel and smell of the perfume if you tab a smidgeon on a pulse point.
Plus you'll know instantly if your allergic to something in the perfume before shelling out the cha-CHING.

Rule #2. There are different types of perfumes. Oil is the most expensive and the strongest smelling. To be used sparingly.
On the opposite side you have sprays which is the cheapest and has the least amount of staying power.

Rule #3. Each season has a perfume that is perfect for it. Musk in the summer is too heavy. While floral in the winter can fade fast in the cold air.
So pick your perfume to reflect your mood and season.

Rule #4. Application. Application. Application. 
Perfume should be applied in to your pulse points. The base of throat, between breasts, at the wrist, behind your knees. 
If wearing a spray, I actually spray it in front of me then walk through it.

Rule #5. If you can taste your've put to much on. Perfume should be elusive. It should peak a person's interest and draw them to you.
Not have them grabbing their throats, clawing their eyes, and dropping to the ground in search of clean air.
Moderation is your mantra.

Rule #6. Store you perfume in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight. I have a friend who places all her pretty perfumes inthe window of her bedroom.
And she can't understand why the perfume loses/changes color and smells funny. Perfume reacts with the sunlight and changes it composition.
Especially sprays. Most spray perfumes contain alcohol which will evaporate inthe heat and then volia! No more pretty perfume smell.

So go forth. Buy. And smell pretty this season.


Anonymous said...

"Not have them grabbing their throats, clawing their eyes, and dropping to the ground in search of clean air." We have a customer here who loves to hug me and I swear if I hug him I smell like English Leather (ugh!) for a good 3 hours after a brief hug.

Gigi's Consignment Closet said...

Lily-I too have a friend that bathes in eau de cologne and I smell like a boy's locker room after hanging out with him.

Sparklybearsy said...

"Eau de fertilizer" HAHAH!!

agree with all those perfume rules, it's a great post!

im such a scent whore, i am that girl that stinks to high heaven after she's spritzed ALL the perfumes at the counter (HEY! why do they put them all out of they dont want to me spray them all?! hmph lol )

and if a man smells good and passes me...Omgosh, he's lucky i can just about control myself not to tackle, dig my nose into his neck and sniff him all day long LOL!

Gigi's Consignment Closet said...

Sparkle-Ummm, your suppose to CHOOSE a bottle. Not have a free for all. lol I agree with delish smelling men. Hard put not to follow.