Saturday, June 12, 2010

My New Book Review Is At Smexy Books

      Inhuman Resources(OSI#3) by Jes Battis

"Jesus, look at that."                                                                            
"The couch." 
"It's clean." 
"I know. It's just so ugly." 
"Is it from IKEA?" 
"Urban Barn. I recognized it from the catalogue." 
"We have an Urban Barn catalogue?" 
"Yea, we got it in the mail."
 "Oh my gay are you? Did you actually hide the Urban Barn catalogue from me so you could read it first?" 

 Occult Special Investigator Tess Corday has survived certain death only to gain a few additional "responsibilities". So between kids, dogs, an additional roommate, and her on and off again lover, she still has to find time to fight crime. When an important necromancer is killed, Tess has to brush up on her people skills to handle the occult politics involved. Tracking down the murderer will pit Tess against old enemies, take her to forbidden realms, and force her to confront a nightmare truth that will change her world forever. 
 In the third OSI novel Jes Battis takes us further into the life of Tess Corday, an investigator with the OSI. She is also half demon. Her life has gone from no responsibilities to over flowing. She has made peace with her mother and has admitted to working for OSI. She has received temporary guardianship of Mia and Patrick. Her roommate Derrick and fellow OSI agent Miles are now a couple and Miles lives with them. Tess is also dealing with Lucien Agrado-her on and off again necromancer lover. Nobody can know about them and Tess feels like they are going nowhere fast.

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