Monday, June 21, 2010

My New Book Review Is At Smexy Books

Todays review is No Werewolves Allowed by Cheyenne McCray (Night Tracker #2) 

Nix Ciar is back and has a whole new set of troubles.  Even though she lost her human lover before he even became her lover, she is still a night tracker and duty prevails.  When several of the New York City's werewolves go missing, it's up the Nix and Clare to travel to the great outdoors to see who's been knocking on the big bad wolves door...and why.

In No Werewolves Allowed  Nix Ciar and Oliva DeSantos are back.  PI's for the paranorms during the day and Night trackers at night, they fight crime all the while trading barbs and quips. When the NYC wolf alpha Dimetri Beketov comes to them with a case of dead and missing werewolves they cannot refuse. Rodan sends them out with Ice and two new trackers, Angel and Joshua, to the werewolves camp to help find answers. But Nix and the other paranorms are at a loss. They can't smell or see any clues. It's as if the wolves just disappeared out of thin air. When Nix and Angel get caught, they soon find out who is behind the dead and missing wolves and the answers are shocking.

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