Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My New Book Review Is At Smexy Books

Todays review is Chains Of Ice (The Chosen Ones) by Christina Dodd

Genny Valente gets a reprieve one summer from her overbearing father and heads to the outbacks of Russia to observe wild leopards in their natural habitat. But there is a price to pay for her freedom. She must convince John Powell to come back. Back to the Chosen Ones. But John is more dangerous then any best she has ever encountered. He will kidnap her, seduce her, and betray her. But when all hope is lost, will Genny make the ultimate sacrifice and save John from himself?
Genny Valente's father betrayed the Chosen Ones and was stripped of everything. He attempts to remake himself by molding Genny into the perfect money making machine. After years of his mental abuse, he offers Genny the chance of freedom. A trip to do the one thing she's always wanted...observe wildlife in the outback, IF she does him a small favor. She must "convince"  John Powell to return to the states no matter what.

Read more of my review at Smexy Books.

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