Thursday, June 24, 2010

Product Review-Kissy Lips

Todays review is on lip plumpers.
I'll admit, I'm a lip plumper ho. You name it... it has passed across my lips.
Lip plumpers are FAB. I get luscious pouty poofy lips without plastic surgery.
A few pointers though when using. One of the great advantages of using an over-the-counter product is that there is virtually no risk involved. More permanent lip-plumping procedures include a series of injections of a gel-like solution that adds to the texture of your lip and actually makes it fuller. You can also have a surgical procedure that implants the lip-plumping device into the lip for a longer-lasting result. Using an over-the-counter lip plumper requires far less commitment.
When it comes to side effects, the worst-case scenario is a tingling, uncomfortable sensation. If a lip plumper burns, then clean it off. A tingling, maybe even slightly burning, sensation is common, but, if your lips feel like they are on fire, or if you feel like you've been punched in the mouth, then remove the gloss. 

The following are some of my favs.

Too Faced Lip Injection Treatment Lip Plumping 

Good things DO come in tiny packages.  Two Faced Lip Injection is .16oz of awesomeness.
In 5 colors(including clear) this amazing product delivers what it promises.
On swipe and you get super pouty shiny lips. Slightly tingly(I put chapstick on before using)
with a nice pepperminty taste. A little goes a long way so even at the slightly higher price of $18.50 you get your moneys worth.

My number 2 to use if I am out of my Two Faced is DuWop Prime Venom.

A matte finish plumping lip balm infused with the Lip Venom formula that also works as a lip primer. DuWop is smooth and gentle going on. Fills in the lines like a champ. Not as tingly as most lip plumpers. Infuses the lips with a natural color so lipstick isn't even necessary.
At$20 it's a little pricey but well worth it. My only complaint is it can be drying but again, I wear a chapstick under plumper for moisture.
I actually use the DuWop Twilight Venom Limited Edition cause I'm team Edward all the way.  This product leaves a light red glossy glaze over lips that is natural looking. 

I  bought this one the other day & I am REALLY impressed with it so far.  By Bonnie Bell.
Seriously, who doesn't love Bonnie Bell? I have a enviable collection of lip smackers.
Coke is my fav. :)
lipLUSHous. A lip gloss and plumper in one.
I picked Berry Pout and I am wayyyyyy impressed.  A sheer color with a plumpness that 
rivals the big names.  And at $8.78 a pop you can afford to buy all the colors.


Mandi said...

I use DuWop Twilight too...because I'm a dork!

I'm still searching for a good lip plumper..they either don't work or leave my lips burning!

I will try Too Faced.

Stacy~ said...

I've never tried any of these, always figuring I was stuck with my small lips because I'm not getting any surgical procedures done. Sounds like maybe I should at least try one and see what happens.

Gigi's Consignment Closet said...

Mandi-Two Faced is even more tingly for me then DuWop. Try Sally Hansen's Premium Plumper. I use it sometimes cause it VERY glossy. It works good and no tingle. Bonnie Bell is a good one to.

Satcy- I have a non exist upper lip. Srsly, I have to chk everyday to make sure it's still there. These really help me. Great for lip wrinkles too. :)