Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My New Book Review Is At Smexy Books

Todays review is Dangerous Desires by Dee Davis (A-Tac #2) 

Drake Flynn has only one objective...deliver the "package" back to the US safe and sound. But this package has other plans. Madeline Reynard is hell bent on escaping the clutches of a Colombian crime lord. Freedom is within her reach and she'll do anything, even deceive Drake to achieve it. Drake has been burned one to many times by seductive women and has no plans to allow Madeline to do the same. But now they are trapped behind enemy lines with no one to turn to but each other. Will trust win out?
In the second installment of Dee Davis's A-Tac series, Dangerous Desires, we meet Drake Flynn. A black op with the CIA, Drake poses as a Ivy League professor in order to complete his missions. He has been recovering from a gunshot wound received by a double agent he was cavorting with. Now he's ready physically & mentally to go back into the game. An expert in survival, he is picked for a harrowing rescue & extraction of a Colombian crime lord's mistress.

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