Wednesday, June 9, 2010

WTH Wednesday

As usual, nobody bothered to look in a mirror before leaving their house for the day.

"Hi. *giggle* I like fuzzy bunnies, rich old men who are going to die soon, and dressing like a 2 yr old."

Dude, when your wearing more make up then your girlfriend...then we need to talk.

IT'S A SHIRT DANG IT!!! Nothing you say or do is going to change that.

I have a rug from Ikea that looks just like that.

A whole lotta wrongs don't make a right.

The phase, "I.AM. IRONMAN." comes to mind here...

Your stylist hates you Ke$ha. 


Anonymous said...

I want those Ke$ha pants! My son wants me to dress as a hobo for Halloween!

Gigi's Consignment Closet said...

Lily-Those pants are like looking at a "Where's Waldo?" scene.

Carolyn Crane said...

LOL. Those pants. HATES you! OMG.

Gigi's Consignment Closet said...

CC-Srsly-wth can wear that, look at themselves in the mirror, and say, "Damn...I look good."???