Thursday, July 1, 2010

My New Book Review Is At Smexy Books

Today's review is Demon Blood by Meljean Brook (The Guardians #6).

Once upon time there was a beautiful princess who greatly loved her family. Her mother, father, and brother all lived in peace and harmony. But one day her father came home and he had changed. Now someone else looked out of his eyes. Someone evil and without conscience. Her father tortured the family until the mother died and the brother and princess lived in constant pain and fear.
The princess ran away and found sanctuary in a church. The father came to the church one day and offered her a choice. She could die by her brother's hand or all her sisters would die. She choose her own death and on that day the princess passed from this world.But like all fairy tales, that was not the end but merely the beginning.
Rosalia, a manipulative but caring guardian, has suffered the loss of most of her family during the never ending battle against Lucifer and his demons. Now she thinks she has found the answer to kill many demons in one shot. But the solution lies with a vampire who once betrayed her and left her to die.
Deacon betrayed Rosalia in order to save his own family and paid for it in the end.  But that doesn't lessen his feelings of self loathing and disgust. As these two damaged heroes work towards an uneasy alliance; a passion builds between them that could ultimately destroy or save them.

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