Friday, July 2, 2010

Screw Mad Men...I Wanna Dress Like Trueblood

Before True Blood, the vampiric HBO soap that makes Twilight look like Little House on the Prairie, style aficionados would have turned up their noses at a dusty little Louisiana town like Bon Temps, where the women wear short shorts and the men wear tank tops smeared in axle grease. 
Enter the vampires. For two summers, they’ve stalked their small-town prey with style and centuries of fashion sense. Now, in the show’s third season, their costume designer, Audrey Fisher, who’s dressed actors on the stage and screen for 18 years, is upping the ante. While the warm-blooded Sookie and and the fledgling night crawler Jessica, are maturing their wardrobes, the cast of seasoned vampiresses—Pam and Sophie-Anne are as opulent as ever. 
Fisher shows what the women ofTrue Blood—alive and undead—keep in their closets and why you should cover your eyes when you see them wearing white.
Innocent and sweet, Sookie may be strong and independent but her true gift is her bright shining light in the face of the night.

A sweet & sassy package hides the darkness within.

Donna Reed may work on her own time but at Fangtasia...Pam has to work it.

Sophie- Anne

Long live the queen

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