Friday, July 2, 2010

Well, Since You Asked....

Here's another edition of emails and such I've received over the years.

Dear Gigi-
 I love your store. So many wonderful items and offered at such  fab prices.
If you ever consider leaving the business; please let me know. I would love to buy up your inventory. I am willing to offer .50 per item. I think my offer is more then fair so please keep me in mind.


10 years shopping for inventory....$8,000.00
8 years of cleaning, repairing, ironing, taking pictures...$10,000.00
6 years spent laboring over websites and advertising all by myself...$15,000.00
Getting offered $.50 per item...PRICELESS.


"Hi. Do you sell formal dress?
"No, I'm sorry I don't.
"Do you know anyone who does?"
"Not in this area I don't. I'm sorry. Have you tried craigslist or such?"
"Yes but they aren't selling for enough there."
"Well, good luck. I can give your email addy to a couple of ebay sellers I know who sell wedding dresses...maybe you can work something out with them."

2 Days Later

"Hi, did you find someone to sell my dress?"
"Hi. I gave your email addy to some sellers I know, If they are interested I'm sure they will contact you."
"But I really need to sell this dress."

"I understand. Have you tied calling any of the used bridal shops in the area?"
"I don't have time to do that."
"I see. Well good luck."
"WAIT!! Are you going to help me or not?."
"I'm, not sure what you mean. I don't buy formal gowns dresses unless vintage. I don't sell them.And honestly I don't see what much more I could do."
"Well! I though consignment stores helped people sell items."
"They do, but we sell items WE'RE interested in. We are not clothing brokers."
Click-they hung up.

3 days later

"I haven't heard from you. Did you find someone to sell my dress."
Click-I hung up on them.

Now, do I normally hang up on buyers? NO! But I really wan't sure how much more I could take. I figured once I explained that I didn't sell them, really didn't know anyone who sold them, she would get the hint. So now I have a stalker who's cheesed at me because I won't sell her dress for her. 


Anonymous said...

hahaha this is GOLD.
FIFTY CENTS?! fifty. Wowww, how did this person even manage to find their way to the internet?

fabulous finds said...

50 is unbelievable...i especially love the part about "i think this is MORE than fair"...
oh do yah now...glad yah think so...
happy 4th!!