Monday, July 26, 2010

My New Book Review Is At Smexy Books-A Wild Light by Majorie M. Liu

Today's review is A Wild Light (Hunter Kiss Book 3) By Marjorie M. Liu 

Maxine Kiss has always known of the darkness inside her. A darkness that enables her to fight demons but slowly seems to be taking over her soul. She has awakened to find her grandfather dead, her knife bloody, and no memories of what has happened. Maxine fears the darkness has finally claimed her.
With her sanity in question and her memories lost, Maxine begins the difficult task of facing who and what she may be before she loses it all. Maxine's family has always lead a nomadic lifestyle, never allowing emotional attachments to deviate then from their mission. To hunt and kill demons. Until Maxine found love with the last light bringer-Grant. Now Maxine and Grant will face the biggest challenge of their lives. The veils between the worlds are ripping. Apocalypse is coming. As Maxine works towards recovering her memories she is dismayed to find the darkness within her is coherent and has plans for her.
Ms Liu takes us through a vivid and dark world of demons, zombies, and other paranormal entities while lighting our way with the purest light of all-love.This book reads like a living puzzle. And we, the readers, must piece the story together along with Maxine.

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