Friday, July 30, 2010

My New Book Review is at Smexy Books-The Iron Daughter by Julia Kagawa

Todays review is The Iron Daughter (Iron Fey #2) by Julia Kagawa
The Iron Daughter (Harlequin Teen)

Meghan Chase has kept her promise and allowed herself to be taken to the Winter Court. Upon arrival she finds she is to be a guest for an indeterminable length of time. As Meghan attempts to find her way in the court it is evident that her life and/or death is of no consequence to Queen Mab. A single act causes unimaginable consequences; forcing Meghan to accept her role in Fairy and to fight for everyone and everything there.

Often sequels never live up to there predecessors. Thankfully this is not one of those times. The Iron Daughter continues with the same intensity and darkness as The Iron King. Ms Kagawa has built a lush multi layered fantasy that enchants and enslaves your imagination. In Ms Kagawa's thrilling continuation of her Iron Fey series, we find Meghan in the Winter Court under Queen Mab's rule who plays with her as a cat might a mouse.Frightened and overwhelmed, Meghan turns to Ash only to find she is once again his enemy. While Ash tried very hard to acquaint Meghan to life in the Winter Court before arrival; his animosity towards her is hard for her to bear on top of everything else. While dealing with the Winter Court, Megan still attempts to filter everything through her humanity. Only to finally realize that there is no humanity here. The Winter Court is a frozen wasteland teeming with cruelty and barely controlled civility. 

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